faspeed 120GB PCBA For 2.5 inch SATA III Internal Solid State Drive

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: faspeed
Model Number: PCBA
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pc
Detail Information
Item: SATAIII SSD Chips Style: SSD
Material: Plastic Color: For Options
Design: OEM & ODM Capacities: 120GB

Product Description



  • SSD Specification:

    1) Memory Available: 128GB/240GB/256GB/480GB/512GB.

    2) Interface: SATAIII.

    3) Data Retention: At least 10 year, 100 thousand times Read and Write.

    4) 3 Years Warranty.

  • FAQ
    Q: What is the difference between SSD and HDD?

    A: Both are storage devices. but SSD with better effectiveness , especially its random access speed significantly ahead of HD. But with higher price, so more suitable for operating system installation on the practical application. The HDD with lower price and slower speed. usually been used as storage for data backup.

  • Q: How to divide SSD?

    A: In Windows XP, for example, you can divide SSD through the Control Panel / System management Tools / Computer Management / Disk Management, select the installed SSD, and press the right mouse button, press add new disk to complete.

    Q: When open the file. the file name or content becomes garbled, Why this happen?

    A: It is the contact problem usually, you can re-plug and make sure SSD interfaces and computer interface contact effectively .

    Q: What are the determinants of the SSD? seed?

    A: The overall performance of SSD are decided by the hard drive interface (SATA, IDE, PCI-E, etc.), the controlling IC (program), loss of efficiency (firmware), balancing algorithm, the original Flash bandwidth and the circuit design and manufacturing processes of the PCB board.

    Q: What does the 2 Channels 4 Channels 8 Channels 10 Channels mean?

    A:It means the qty of chips of read and write data at same time. 2 channels means 2 chips do reading and writing.10-channels means 10 chips in reading and writing at the same time, depending on the management capabilities of the controlling IC. The control IC chip of INTEL 10-channel can manage 10 chips read and write data simultaneously , which can greatly enhance the speed of reading and writing data to increase work efficiency . This is not a strict interpretation, just to assist those who do not understand the SSD works to understand the concept of the channel.

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